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free kickboxing guide

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Hand eye coordination

Kickboxing offers the connection between your mind and your body. You will see your hand /eye coordination improves as well as reaction times. By training your mind and your body, you will become more alert and aware of your surroundings.

You will see the limits as to what you can expect from your body. And you will see the rewards the result from your many hours of hard work. Kickboxing teaches you the discipline you learn from staying focused and committed to something. You will face many trials when learning the sport, but these should serve to motivate you more.

You need to know what are your reasons for learning kickboxing. Is it so that you can shed those extra pounds and achieve a leaner and healthier you ? Is it that you want to be able to protect yourself, in the event you are caught up in a fight? Maybe you want to demonstrate your strength to your peers.

The kickboxing challenge

Nothing in this life will come easy, you will need to work at your skills to become good a kickboxing. You will need to push your body to do that extra set of push ups, you will need to experience the pain of your tired muscles. But over time you will see that your body will become conditioned to training, the more you do, the more your body can take. By constantly pushing your body to it’s limits you will realize your goal of becoming a kickboxer. If you think that this isn’t a sport for you, maybe you can try out

When training, it’s all about pushing the limits. Your mind and your body will be telling you, maybe even begging you to stop. Telling you to take a break from the drills (sets of squats , lunges, push ups, and so on). You will need to push tiredness aside and to fight through it. During your hour long lesson, you legs will be trembling and begging you to stop. You will hear your body say “I need a break, please stop”, but there is still 20 minutes to go. You need to push these thoughts aside and to work through them. Try to feed your motivation with these voices and use them to spur you on. Because at the end of the session, you will feel that elation of knowing that you have performed during your training session and achieved what you set out to do.