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Fight Types

kickboxing-fightThere are three main types of fights/sparring in the sport of kickboxing:

  • Points Fighting:  This is the more traditional form of sparring. Basically once a strike is landed, either on the body or  on the head or legs, the point is awarded and the fight is paused. The fighters return to their starting positions, about 3 feet apart and  then the fight recommences. In the end the winner is the one with either the most points in a specific time period, or the first to reach a set number of points, 3,5 or 11 points. Points fighting is a very fast sparring style and is most suitable for beginners. 
  • Continuous Fighting: As opposed to points fight, this type is a continuous fight. Once a point is landed the isn’t a stop to the fight, rather the judges tally up the points as they happen. After a specific number of minutes, typically 2 or 3 minutes the round is stopped.  Often there is 3 rounds, and the winner is declared at the end of the rounds.
  • Knock out Fighting: This is similar to the continuous fighting, but it is also possible to end the fight once a knockout is achieved. Generally knock out fighting has up to 8 rounds or more. If the number of rounds is reached with out a knock out (K.O.) , the winner is declared for the fighter with the higher number of points scored. 

Points fighting is generally for amateur levels of fighters, but not always. In an amateur levels fights are not allowed to  purposefully set out to  injure each other. Where as in professional fights, physical injury is common, and it is sometimes quite brutal.