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Why is kickboxing so great

high-kickIn the last few years the popularity of kickboxing has really explode across the country. It is primarily a style self defense but also offers complete cardiovascular fitness. Kickboxing is an intense sport, and it will insure that all parts of your body will be trained. It’s much more mentally challenging than lifting weights or running around a park, kickboxing trains your mind as well as your body. Kickboxing is the way to get your heart rate up and your body sweating.

About Kickboxing

It’s true that kickboxing, is a mesh of at least three sports. The boxing part stems from American boxing, with techniques taken from hand punches and feet positions. And karate has lent kickboxing it’s powerful kicks. These forward and side kicks deliver the power and precision that karate is well known for. Then comes Thai boxing which has leg sweeps and knee strikes and Tae Kwon Do which demonstrates it’s fast paced kicks. It is important to know that while kickboxing is essentially a sport, it’s background is one of a martial art which has stemmed from Asia over many centuries.

Benefits of Kickboxing

Mind release

boxing-competitionThere are clear medical benefits for training your body. Kickboxing trains all major muscle groups, and helps to reduce weight. As it is an intense sport, during training and sparing you will burn significantly more calories than in other sports. Channeling your aggression into a punch bag can be a great way to relive stress. Focusing your negative thoughts and releasing them into an inanimate object can be very gratifying. You will feel less frustrated and possibly invigorated after you have done your training session. It’s amazing what the simple task of going to the gym and pounding a bag with your hand or feet can released. Don’t worry the bag doesn’t ever hit back. It will absorb what you throw at it. You can let your mind drift and get lost in your thoughts, while you pound the punch bag.

And when it comes to sparing with another person, you will need to direct your full attention on the task at hand. There is only time to focusing on blocking jabs and moving out of the way of your opponents fists. There isn’t any time to mellow on life’s woes, and if you do, you will probably get hit.

We have all thought about hitting another person at one stage or another. In most situations this will land you in jail. Hitting your boss isn’t smart, and will probably result in you loosing your job. With kickboxing you can get away with hitting another human being. Your trainer will understand that the want to hit someone is part of starting kickboxing. Being able to hit someone and to get away with it is not to be underestimated.