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free kickboxing guide

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The training regime for kickboxing is similar to many other types of active sports. Kick-boxers need to have a general fitness as well as practicing the sparring skills. Doing multiple types of training means that it can be a drain on your time, but in the end, when you are able to do a perfect round house kick it will be all worth while. For competition there is also mental fitness, which is another important type of train, this is a whole other topic therefore isn’t covered here.

Basic Training Guide

We recommend the following training guide, we’ve used it ourselves over the years to stay in shape. This guide is basically to get you in shape and to keep your level of fitness. When starting out, a single session per week is recommended. You will find muscles that you didn’t know you had being tired and sore.

If you are taking your kickboxing serious, you should be aiming to train at least 3 times a week. One of these sessions should not be kickboxing related. We recommend a 30 – 60 minute run. Being good at kicking and punching is obviously important, but you also need to keep in mind that you need to be in a good physical state at the same time. It’s also a good idea to plan in days that you will take a rest. Rest and recovery is just as important as doing the right exercises.

Weekly Plan

This training plan includes a 4th session on Thursday.

  • Monday : Gym training
  • Tuesday : Day Off
  • Wednesday : Run / Swim / Cycle
  • Thursday : Gym training (optional)
  • Friday : Day Off
  • Saturday : Gym training
  • Sunday : Day Off

Competition Training Guide

This training plan for the 2 weeks on the run up to a competition.

  • 14 Days  : Gym training, general
  • 13 Days : Day Off
  • 12 Days : Gym training, focusing on punches & kicking
  • 11 Days : Running training & light shadow boxing after
  • 10 Days : Day Off
  • 9 Days : Running training & light shadow boxing after
  • 8 Days : Gym training, focusing on leg work
  • 7 Days : Day Off
  • 6 Days : Gym training, focusing on leg work
  • 5 days : Gym training, focussing on punches & kicking
  • 4 days : Day off
  • 3 days : Final gym session, focusing on power and explosive engery
  • 2 days : light run with some shadow boxing
  • 1 day : Rest, Relax and get your kit bag ready.